Military Schools For Struggling Girls & Boys

A military education is a popular choice of parents who are looking for a highly structured, highly organized environment alternative environment that teaches students how to focus their energy and attention into productive ways.

NOTE:In the United States, the term “military school” does not necessarily mean a training school for the armed forces. The term is often used in the context of college preparatory high schools and middle schools that employ military code of rules, regulation, discipline and structure, or tertiary-level schools which instructs in military-style tradition, discipline and education. These schools share very little similarity with training schools of the armed forces.

teen_military_schoolsMilitary Schools offer the following perceived benefits:

  • Highly structured, highly regimented environment
  • strict discipline that teaches students self control and strength of mind
  • an emphasis on physical fitness and athleticism
  • Traditional to advanced academic program
  • A positive peer environment (bonding with other cadets and an emphasis of honor code, etc)

Contrary to the popular notion, such schools are not solely for troubled (or problem) teenagers -although they have history of success in terms of educating and rehabilitating troubled teens and at-risk youth – Rigid discipline, a traditional academic program and an emphasis on leadership skills, make a military education an attractive alternative for families from all walks of life.

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