Military Schools in Arizona

Central Avenue business district inPhoenix, Arizona

Central Avenue business district inPhoenix, Arizona

Traditionally, military schools or academies in AZ have been recognized as a way disciplining troubled youth – while schools are still big on discipline and offer a highly structured learning environment, they are increasingly popular with parents from all walks of life (not just those with problem teenagers). Many Military schools in Arizona will now only accept children who want make an effort to fix their own problems as well.

Public schools in Arizona are overseen by the Arizona State Board of Education, and its educational system for higher learning is overseen by the Arizona Board of Regents. There are also several Arizona military schools for high school students (both public and private) as well as  a few public elementary military school.

List of Military Schools in Arizona:

Apache Junction High School

Apollo High School

Arizona State University

Cactus High School

Catalina Magnet High School

Fenster School

Thunderbird High School

University of Arizona