Everything You Need to Know About Military Schools

It might be best to start by stating what military schools are not. They are not holiday camps or summer camps. They are not places where damaged or at-risk teens go for help. They are not part of the armed services. They are not for every young boy or girl.Military schools have been in operation for decades and today are far more numerous and popular. Many parents are worried about their son or daughter mixing with the wrong crowd, taking drugs or even getting into trouble with the law. They worry their child may not apply him or herself at their academic studies. These parents believe a military school is the ideal solution.

The students board on campus. There is a strong push for all students to study hard and achieve high grades. Discipline is strict with little opportunity to mix with the wrong crowd.

So what is a typical day like for a student in a military school? Well they sleep in dormitories and will be required to rise bright and early. They will be required to keep their bed and possessions neat and tidy. They will wear a uniform and be ready for a daily inspection after Reveille. They will eat in a communal dining-room.

Their academic life will be extensive and full-on. Class sizes will be small and there will be an excellent student staff ratio. There will be an adult mentor in each dormitory who will keep an eye on the students appointed to that mentor. He or she will be in loco parentis 24/7 during school time. There will probably be four classes before lunch at noon with more classes in the afternoon.

Despite the strong academic syllabus, all students will be required to pursue their studies after school in a set place and under supervision. There is no chance for students to slack in their studies.

The school will have strict rules and all students will be required to follow the rules and any orders given by staff or senior students authorized to give such orders. If a student fails to obey a lawful command, they will be punished. This is not your average high school where students wear what they like and skip classes if they think they can get away with it.

Sport and music are often major components of a military school. Students are encouraged to join in. In some schools, up to half the students learn a musical instrument and marching bands and parade appearances are a common aspect of the school life.

Competition between other schools in team sports is another regular activity with great pride taken in those who are successful. Team sports may be optional but general physical education classes are mandatory and the school has no place for unfit and lazy students.

Weekends are less intense but permission to leave the campus and go into the local town is required. Older students are treated more leniently than junior students but the school takes great pride in the behavior of its students.

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