Girls Military Schools

There was a time not so long ago when the words girls and military schools did not go together. Military schools were for boys. Today that has all changed. There is a rise in the number of military schools for girls as there is a rise in the number of girls who wish to enter such establishments.

The first thought about military schools is that they are a place of punishment. A young person has gone off the rails or their school grades are falling and something drastic needs to be done. And in some ways there is s till a touch of truth in this situation.

However military schools have changed their approach and today are institutions where the highest academic standards are the bedrock of the school. Yes there are uniforms and parades every morning and staff with ranks and orders galore. But many parents send their sons – and now their daughters – to a military school.

Why? What are the benefits? Well if your daughter is struggling with motivation with her studies then there is motivation aplenty at a military school. Not only are the class sizes smaller than you might find elsewhere but the quality of the teaching staff is excellent. College preparation is a key aim of the school with many if not most students applying for high-ranking university places.

Then there is the attention to detail in such things as homework and personal appearance. The girls attend supervised homework classes after school to reinforce the lessons taken during the day. Their room and appearance must be meticulous, clean and ordered with constant supervision. A military school will do nothing if not turn out a well-groomed and well-educated young woman.

Careers are today more varied and open to females and the military is no exception. A young woman thinking about a career in the military could do no better than attend a military school in preparation for her career. Recruitment officers look favorably on young people who have attended a military school.

Being a boarding facility means the girls live in and so get to make friends with fellow students and look up to staff and a mentor appointed to their care during their stay. The school places an emphasis on the students becoming self-disciplined and taking on the role of a leader. There is ample scope for exercises where a girl can show her future leadership capabilities.

Then there are the extra-curricula activities such as the arts, sports and outdoor education. Because the students are at the school fulltime, it is far easier to further develop their skills in a particular area such as playing an instrument, swimming or track and field. A military school for girls provides the complete educational package.

If as a parent you have concerns that your daughter may run with there wrong crowd and be easily influenced to behave in an inappropriate way, placing her in a military school will remove these concerns completely. There is a strong discipline mixed with a real desire to see young women excel in all aspects of their education.

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