Is a Military Boarding School the Right Option for Your Teen?

There are a number of issues which need to be considered. The first and major one is the health and attitude of your son or daughter. Military schools have moved a long way in their short 100+ year history. For instance they are as much for girls as they are for boys and no longer are they only for those wishing to make the military their career choice.

First we assess the health and attitude of your teen. If your child is ill either physically or mentally, a military school is probably not for them. If your child has a serious problem with, for example, drugs or alcohol, there is really no case to consider. The military school is most unlikely to accept such a student.

It needs to be clearly stated that military schools are mostly privately-owned and their success is due to their rate of success. They do not exist to mollycoddle students or provide therapies which are designed to assist young people with serious problems. Today’s military schools have a hard-won reputation for turning out high academic scores and well-trained and well-adjusted young people. They have a reputation to maintain.

So on the one hand the question is not if the military school is the right option for your son or daughter but rather, whether your child is acceptable to the military school.

Now if your child is fit and healthy and has a willingness to learn, a military school might be ideal. If your child needs some discipline in their life, needs to toughen up and become proactive rather than their present reactive self, then a military school is looking like a good thing.

Does your child need guidance in developing goals and setting strategies to achieve those goals? If so, then yes, they would do very well at a military school. Of course if your son or daughter has their eye on a career in the military, a military school seems the logical step. There is no guarantee that any graduate will be accepted for a military career but recruiters certainly look favorably on young men and women who have graduated from a military school.

If you want to push your child with their academic studies, a military school is an ideal choice. Apart from smaller class sizes, there is the added advantages of 24/7 supervision and timetabled extra study sessions after normal class hours. Teaching their students to develop high levels of self-discipline certainly helps as well.

Parents are given regular reports on the progress of their child and if a student is slipping in their grades and attitude, the school will know this and take action to rectify the situation.

Then if a parent wants their son or daughter to have strong moral values and be willing to work in and for their local community, a military school is again an ideal venue. This is the core of a military school; to teach its students the importance of respect for others and to help wherever one can.

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