Is a Military School the Right School for your Troubled Teen?

Yes and no; it all depends. Once upon a time a military school was a type of reform school. A teen who was in trouble was bundled off to military school where the harsh discipline would soon whip them into shape. That is no longer the case.

In fact military schools have changed their image altogether. No longer are they a dumping ground for delinquents if they ever were such an institution. Today a military school will have a high even very high academic standard and work towards their students being accepted in one of the many high-ranking colleges.

These schools have a strict policy that no student will be admitted if they are rebellious and do not wish to attend the school. Teens with serious health and behavioral problems will be refused entry because of their condition.

So if your teen is troubled, it may well new more a case of will the military school accept the student rather will you choose to send your teen there.

In fact even if your teen is allowed to enroll in a military school it may not necessarily be the best move in the interest of the student. Let’s assume your teen resents authority and is bright but unhappy with their parents being too strict or they fail to make friends. Sending that teen to a military school may be counter-productive.

A teen who resents authority is not going to take kindly to being ordered about every day and having to do exactly as he is told. If he complains about his parents being strict, imagine how he will react when the staff at the military school have him out of bed at 6am and doing drills before breakfast.

There are alternatives. You could switch schools within your district or you could place your teen in a program in your area to build self-esteem. Many public high schools run programs designed to help troubled teens get some direction and stability in their lives.

Local governments and even churches run programs for disaffected youth. Private therapists are located in clinics and hospitals. If your teen can turn around their life while still living at home, that might be the better alternative.

But a military school does have a number of excellent benefits for its students. The discipline, the removal from the temptations of drugs, alcohol and criminal behavior, the high academic standards, the brilliant extra-curricula activities and the close supervision from the highly trained and dedicated staff can work wonders with your troubled teen.

If there is any underlying problem such as depression, the attentive staff and small class sizes will greatly assist your child receive appropriate treatment and the encouragement to grow into a self-disciplined and determined young person.

Take an open mind to the choice of school for your teen. A military school has a wealth of benefits but a stay at home education with appropriate therapy or supervision may work a treat.

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