Is a Military School the Solution to your Child’s Behavioral Problems?

It depends on the age of your child, the type of problem behavior the child is exhibiting and it depends on the alternatives. So the answer to the question is possibly yes but not necessarily so.

Let’s start with the age of the child. If a youngster is behaving badly, the parents may think a military boarding school is the answer. Plenty of strong discipline, the parents will no longer have to deal with the child’s temper tantrums and at the end of the schooling years, their child will be ready for college.

Sounds logical but is totally flawed. Firstly a young elementary school child needs as much time with his parents as possible. Secondly a military school is not a therapy center. It does not operate to treat the flaws in a young person’s behavior.

Parents would be well advised to have their child examined by the family doctor and then if necessary, by a specialist who deals with such conditions as depression, ADHD or schizophrenia. And even if no significant underlying cause is found, having your child attend therapy locally and being educated locally while living at home might be the best situation for the child.

If your child is a teenager and is causing grief at home and possibly at school, it can be possible to help the teen with the right strategies performed by the parents. Parents can learn the skills needed to deal with a troubled teen at home and not force the child to move away from home to a military school they may not find suitable.

It is possible to learn good communication skills, to learn how to reason with a distressed teenager and to make your own home a place of quiet and reasonable discussion. Parents can settle their differences with their children in a way where all parties win and the family becomes stronger.

Many children are frustrated and express their frustration with a temper tantrum. If the parents are badly affected by this child’s behavior, the child will use this tactic again. It got a result the first time, I’ll try it again. By taking the child to counseling or the appropriate therapy, the child’s behavior can be altered. Harmony can prevail.

So while a military school education offers so much for many children it is not necessarily the best option for some teens. As a parent, you need to hone your own parenting skills, discover the underlying cause of your child’s troubles and learn the ins and outs of an education at a military school. When you have all the facts about your child and the alternatives, you are in a good position to make a choice.

Your child’s health and education is too important to rush any decision. Gather all the information and make an informed decision in the best interest of your child. Many children benefit from a militray school education. Many do really well with a little help from home.

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