Military High Schools

A military high school is well named. It’s a high school with a military component or flavor. As a parent, you know much about high schools. It’s here that a student makes their run for a place in a college or university. There will be a range of academic streams to choose from such as maths/science or liberal arts. In addition, students can join clubs such as drama, sports and debating.But the students in your usual high school don’t wear uniforms and certainly don’t attend meetings where they parade and salute one another.

That’s where a military high school comes into the equation. Here the students are known as cadets and wear a uniform whenever a meeting of cadets is held. The students will have ranks with senior students being the leaders. There will be subjects on the curriculum which directly relate to military studies. For example, a military high school with a bias towards the air force would offer aeronautical science as one of its subjects.

A military high school can equate itself with a branch of the armed forces such as the navy, air force or marines. There would be a tendency for students wanting to perhaps seek employment in a specific arm of the forces, to choose the military high which best suited their ambition.

Any student who attends a military high school is not obligated to join the armed services once they graduate from high school.

Military high schools can have hundreds of students in a single school including boys and girls. Not all the students will necessarily be inclined towards a military career. In fact the school may well have two types of students – cadets and civilians.

The cadets meet together, parade, hear specific lectures on military matters and may make plans for a career in the military. Civilian students like the powerful academic programs in the military high school but do not wear service uniforms or engage in meetings such as those held by cadets.

Most military high schools take male and female students and most are civilian students. Cadets in the school come from other states and even from overseas. Civilian students tend to be local.

It is fairly easy to track the results achieved by a military high school. You can discover how many graduated and with what level of results. You can discover how many went to college and to which college. You can discover how many students later joined the armed forces.

Many military high schools offer extra tuition for those students who need help. For example, lessons in English for some international students is often available.

Some military high schools have a post-high school college on the same campus. This means a high school student can graduate and move straight into a military college next door.

It is not unusual for a vast percentage (usually over 90%) of staff to have an advanced degree. This enables the school to push its credentials as a high achiever in getting its students into colleges and universities around the state and the country.

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