Military Prep Schools

A military prep school has long been regarded as a wonderful stepping stone for a career. And such schools, which once were a male-dominated preserve, are not freely available for girls as much as they are available for boys.

But parents who want their son or daughter to become solid citizens, good people who appreciate the values of family, nation and community, like the benefits a military prep school provides.

First there is the matter of leadership. Every student is given the opportunity to lead whether it be in some small way within a class or in bigger missions such as can be found in the school’s outdoor education program. Those students with ability and/or a desire to lead are encouraged and given many opportunities. Taking on such leadership duties is excellent training for the adult life of the student whether it be in military or civilian life.

Self-discipline is a true and lifelong benefit for military prep school students. Each is given a series of challenges and needs to use self-discipline to achieve their goals. This quality in the student’s character can hold them in good stead for the remainder of their life. It’s a ‘seize the day’ situation for young people giving them confidence and skills to overcome whatever obstacles come their way.

Then there are the skills which students acquire. Some see drills and parades and using a firing range as insubstantial activities. This is far from the truth. Such activities combined with obstacle course training all add to the student’s physical fitness, their hand-eye coordination skills and pride in their appearance and achievements. The benefits are many and long-lasting.

One of the most serious of characteristics stressed in a  military prep school is that of values. Good citizens are made not born and the school’s philosophy is to stress the importance of high values and of being a strong contributor to society.

Then there is the issue of community service. The military prep school program involves a great deal of time and effort in which the students attend to their local community. This activity is not on the periphery of the curriculum but at its heart. The community needs support and by showing young students how they can help and encouraging them to be a part of the local community, the pride and self-esteem of the student is greatly enhanced and the local community is a strong beneficiary. Parents want to see their children become considerate and helpful individuals and this is exactly the training they get at a military prep school.

Of course if the young person wishes to find a career in the military, their time in a military prep school could not be better spent. Apart from the outstanding academic and sporting program and the above benefits of leadership, values and community services, their time in uniform, working with figures in authority and operating as a team, means they are well-placed to be enlisted.

It may mean they can take their college studies via the armed services and all this is helped significantly because of their placement in a military prep school.

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