Military Schools for Girls

Military schools have been established in the United States for many years and today have never been so popular. There are schools for girls only and schools which are co-educational and have both male and female students.Parents may think a military school is an excellent place to keep their daughter away from bad habits such as drugs. The truth is that military schools do have an outstanding record in terms of discipline and structure but they are also chosen because of their first-class academic programs, wonderful sporting and artistic offerings and because they foster the all-round growth of the student helping them towards college and university entry.

For centuries the armed forces were seen as a male domain until recently when females have been widely accepted in most areas of the military. So it was with military schools. Now parents and girls are taking the step of choosing their education within a military school.

It has been proven to be a wise move in terms of academic success, future career prospects and social and moral values as well. In the boarding school aspect, girls have a mentor available 24/7 and find this situation both comforting and inspiring.

The girls are encouraged to grow as individuals, to tackle tasks, work as a team and to show leadership. It is truly an all-round education.

The requirements both in and outside the classroom are almost identical for boys and girls. The exception being that in some physical endurance activities, the young and developing female body is generally found to tire more easily and so certain targets will be reduced a little. However, overall fitness levels for the girls are expected to be as high as for the boys.

But apart from that, all the benefits from a military school of discipline, respect for self and others, obedience and pride in work and appearance are afforded for all students regardless of gender.

In the wider world there is tremendous pressure on all teenagers and particularly girls. In terms of image and behavior, there can be great peer pressure to conform. In a military school, all students dress the same and each is expected to carry out all the duties and requirements of a young cadet. There is little time for misbehavior and plenty of time for study and other healthy pursuits. It is not surprising to find a growing number of parents placing their daughter in a military school.

It can be a big step for a young girl to enter a military school. She will board at the school, only see her family at certain times and be required to work and study hard. Discipline and supervision is tough and continuous. But the rewards speak for themselves.

Girls who graduate from a military school will have enormous self-confidence, a wide range of skills to use throughout life and the opportunity for further study in a top-ranking college or even a career in the armed forces.

Yes there are military schools for girls and there are thousands of girls in military schools.

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