Military Schools in Florida – An Ideal Option for At-Risk Teens

The military school environment is ideal option for young people who are interested or motivated to continue their military career, including those who lack interest in school and may need the military discipline to help change their behavior. Some are still oblivious to the benefits that a military school can offer to young people, especially the at-risk teens. That’s why parents should find time to know if this type of school could be right for their teens.

Undoubtedly, Military schools can serve as training grounds for self-motivated students to prepare themselves in becoming efficient military officers and soldiers in the future. Moreover, through their different programs, a military school can support in helping a problematic youth who mostly lack the discipline. Military academies are beneficial for those who are not a fan of following curfews, doing chores, abiding by house rules and are just plainly unfocused. Underachievers who find it difficult to study properly will find the effective academic strategies of a military school really useful.

There are a number of distinguished Military Schools in Florida, where interested parents and young people may want to consider. They can choose from either private or public military schools that are available depending on their preferences and resources available. Regardless of what type of military school it belongs, each military school in Florida has some distinguishing characteristics and similarities as well – promoting an environment of character, leadership and academic excellence. Here are some of the military school options in Florida:

Private Military Schools:

Admiral Farragut Academy

Founded in 1933, AFA is a coeducational and independent Military School in St. Petersburg, Florida. The school is open for grades PreK through grade 5 for elementary, grades 6-8 for middle school, and grades 9-12 for high school. The Academy is accredited by FCIS or the Florida Council of Independent Schools and SACS, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. AFA provides character development as well as leadership through a military model. This Honor Naval Academy makes sure to emphasize the importance of college preparation through extra-curricular activities and academics.

Florida Air Academy

An accredited school by FCIS, SACS, a member of NAIS or the National Association of Independent Schools and AMSCUS or Association of Military Schools and Colleges. The academy is a coeducational school founded in 1961 and is open to young applicants from grades 7-12. The school challenges students to develop their character and leadership skills in order to succeed. Florida Air Academy is situated in Melbourne, Florida also offers opportunities the athletics as well as the academics while enjoying different types of social activities apart from the popular clubs and the activities they offer.

Public Charter Military Schools:

Francis Marion Military Academy

Located in Ocala, Florida and founded in 2008. Francis Marion Military Academy is a public charter school opening their doors to high school boys and girls from grades 9-12. Some of the activities they offer are drill and rifle team, sailing, color guard, venturing crew, national honor society and orienteering. Providing courses like criminal justice, aerospace science and other advanced placement classes. They stress the importance of learning core military values and having a quality curriculum in preparation for college.

Sarasota Military Academy

Founded in 2002, Sarasota Military Academy is a public charter school approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council. The academy holds a 92% rate for college acceptance and accepts high school students from grades 9-12. The school is also regarded as a five star high school for 6 consecutive years and is located at Sarasota, Florida. They promote the importance of discipline, leadership, honor and patriotism in a military setting which will enable the students to become effective citizens in the future.

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