Myths About Military Schools

Military schools have been operating for generations and have turned out many fine graduates. To some parents their choice of a military school was the making of their son and, in more recent times, their daughter. But there are many parents who barely consider a military school believing all sorts of bad things about these educational institutions. But many of these so-called bad things are myths – they are simply not true.

Myth. Military schools are tough and rugged institutions aiming to bring troublesome teens into line. This could not be further from the truth. Not only are military schools not places set up to reform delinquents, they actually refuse admission to anyone who does not want to be there or who is in trouble with the police.

Myth. Staff at a military school are retired military officers who have been put out to pasture. Again this is clearly untrue as military schools have a top priority on academic excellence. The teaching staff and the school’s administration are some of the finest educators available guiding the students to the best possible careers and college entry.

Myth. The curriculum is military material. Not true as the curriculum is broad and all-encompassing. Students can opt for sciences, the arts and other fields. There are some military subjects but every student has a wide choice of subjects to study.

Myth. Military schools are only for boys. Once perhaps this was true but today there are thousands of young women studying at a military boarding school. It is a growing trend.

Myth. Graduates of a military school simply move into the military. Not true. In fact more graduates don’t go into the military than those who do. Of course there are many students who graduate from a military school who later establish a career in the military but because the academic results are so high, students have a choice of colleges and of courses.

Myth. Military schools overdo the discipline routines. Of course there are discipline routines that are the basis of a military school. But the emphasis is on developing leaders, teaching students to be independent yet work as part of team. This is the sort of discipline many young people need. Parents with a troubled teen would be ever so grateful if their son or daughter had the self-control exhibited by teens in a military school.

Myth. A military career is guaranteed if you attend a military school. Alas not so. Of course many graduates go into the military and every recruitment officer is impressed by someone who has attended a military school but that does not guarantee a career in the armed services. The military today has a series of tests before selecting would-be officers and students who have never attended a military school are accepted and some who have are not.

Like many things, military schools are misunderstood by some. Study the facts and know that military schools are fine institutions with an outstanding reputation.

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