Some Top Military Schools in California

Military schools are not for every child. Troubled teens are better off in a therapy-based program. Military schools are for those students who want and need a well-structured lifestyle where a high emphasis is placed on academic and sporting excellence and self-discipline. Some military schools take very young students as day pupils. Elsewhere the military schools take boarders. Some public schools have a strong cadet-training program with many of the features found at a military school. Here are some examples.St Catherine’s Military Academy in Anaheim CA is unique in that it accepts boys into its boarding school in as young as 4th grade. Sometimes, in exceptional circumstances it will accept a boy who has not yet reached the 4th grade.Elementary students in military schools are not common but St Catherine’s has a nationwide reputation for excellence working with young boys right the way through to senior high school.

The school is famous for many things not least its music program where more than half the student population receive instrumental tuition and the school’s marching band on parade is featured on many occasions in southern California.

Sporting facilities are first rate with the school winning trophies in state wide competitions in football, basketball and volleyball.

The school works with boys from kindergarten who are day students and the instilling of discipline into such young cadets is one of the reasons parents and the community in general has such a high regard for the programs at St Catherine’s.

Many former students return to address current pupils to explain how their lives have been changed for good having studied at St Catherine’s.

The Army and Navy Military Academy boasts a student/staff ratio of 15 to 1 and has an enviable reputation for training young men in the academic, sporting and self-esteem areas of life.

The school offers the Leadership Education Training program which is provided both inside and out of classes allowing students to experience personal growth in all aspects of their life. The core belief at the school is that each student learns as an individual and by including a rich range of programs in music, drama and fine art, each individual is given ample opportunity to indulge in an all-round education.

The high attention paid to academic studies and the excellent teaching and follow-up tutorials enable students the greatest chance of achieving high grades.

The boys easily develop lasting friendships with their roommates, classmates and team mates. Being located beside the ocean means the boys have the opportunity for swimming and surfing literally on their doorstep.

Academic studies are important but so too are such things as outdoor activities like ski trips and rock climbing. There is a wide variety of character building activities at the school.

Vista High School is a strong provider of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC). This is an Air Force supported program in which cadets study aerospace science, leadership instruction and gain practical experience leading the Air Force JROTC Squadron.

JROTC goals are to instill in the cadets a sense of patriotism, orderliness and discipline, to better appreciate service to their country, to take pride in their accomplishments and to build their self-esteem.

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