Summer Military Schools

We all know about military schools and their high academic standards and great sporting programs. We all know about the lazy, hazy days of summer, a time in which many kids can be bored and get out of the habit of study and homework. Well the solution to such problems can be found in sending young children of elementary school age to a mini military school program, one held for 4 or 5 weeks during summer.

There are many benefits of this type of activity. Let’s start with self-discipline. It’s not unusual for a young boy or girl to enjoy the good life, to become lazy and simply loaf around. Apart from this doing little to aid their body’s growth, it does little for their ability to carry out self-discipline. Let’s face it, when these kids become teens they are going to need plenty of self-discipline if they are to succeed at school and college.

A summer military camp will soon lick these kids into shape. They will need to rise at certain times, tidy and prepare their room and kit for inspection and be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first thing every morning. This is a great grounding for a dedicated and disciplined lifestyle. Five weeks in the ‘military’ can do wonders for any lazy child or one lacking motivation.

Not only does the camp program provide the participants with a wealth of beneficial activities, it keeps them away from bad practices they might well get up to over summer.

Another positive from a summer military camp is giving the kids the chance to make decisions. Sure in a military style camp one must learn to follow orders but there are many activities in which each child has to think independently. This helps develop impendence in each child and stands them in good steed for future years. Parents want their son or daughter to be able to stand on their own two feet and this type of camp trains them to do just that.

By giving the kids plenty of challenges and teaching them the skills to solve problems, every child grows in self-confidence. This is a huge benefit. A child who is shy or lacking in confidence can develop a real strength to their character. Being a believer in self is so important in most of life’s activities and this summer camp is a breeding ground for positive attitudes and self-confidence.

The skills each child can learn at this type of summer camp extends beyond the usual hiking, sailing, sporting and ball game activities. Other skills include setting goals, planning strategies and reviewing success or otherwise. These skills are essential for making a mark in your life including any future career.

The military has the ability to teach young people about responsibility, care and concern for others, teamwork, social skills and values. Every parent wants to teach such things to their children and a military summer camp is the perfect place for kids to have fun but come home a fitter and better individual.

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