The Best Military Schools in Florida

The Admiral Farragut Academy in St Petersburg FL has an outstanding reputation after 75 years of successfully providing children and teenagers with an all-round education. The school caters for boy and girls and accepts elementary school students as day pupils up to grade 5.The school has a number of aims the highlight of which is to foster self-discovery within each student preparing them for a college entrance. In preparing students for their future, the Academy concentrates on integrity, self-discipline, perseverance and wellness.

The Admiral Farragut Academy offers a liberal arts education which aims to prepare students for further study at universities, colleges and military service institutions. Parents seeking a firm but friendly code of discipline together with a fine academic and sporting program will be well advised to peruse the information about this famous St Petersburg establishment.

One important component is the Aviation Academy where students are taught aeronautical science and a love for all things flying studying both the on-ground and airborne aspects of aviation. Students acquire skills and a lifelong love of the science.

And the love of sailing is to the fore too with the Marine Science Academy in which students engage in an in-depth study of the aquatic environment.

The Academy welcomes international students and has a detailed prospectus and web site providing a wealth of information for parents of prospective students.

The Florida Air Academy in Melbourne FL is the largest boarding school in the state and offers tuition for both boys and girls from grades 6 through 12. The strong academic program is the core of the curriculum but there are many exciting elective activities which students may choose to complete.

The opportunities for personal growth and to exhibit leadership qualities are at the forefront of the philosophy of the Air Academy. Low pupil-teacher ratios and the employment of excellent staff give this educational institution a high and richly-deserved reputation.

Parents of students and the students seeking to win a place in a top university will find the excellent tuition provided greatly enhances their chances. There is a definite emphasis on excellence in academic studies but so too is the attention to leadership skills and the overall education of the young students.

Sporting and recreational activities are diverse, challenging and hugely rewarding. The marching band is a wonderful avenue for the study of music and travel.

Students can board at the Air Academy or enroll as day pupils and there is no shortage of classmates with the size of the establishment.

There is a firm but respectful discipline code with mandatory study halls for evening studies plus after-school tuition all designed to get the very best out of every student.

Many military schools concentrate on high school age students but elementary students are welcome at the Air Academy and many have undertaken most of their pre-college education in this prestigious institution.

The Academy provides a wealth of information and can be contacted via the web site.

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