The Costs of a Military Boarding School

It is fair to say they are not cheap but then ‘expensive’ is a relative term. You, as a parent, need to weigh up the reasons for sending your child to a military boarding school and what you and your child expect to get out of attending such an institution.Schools vary in size and programs offered but some general prices can be stated. They will change in time and for an accurate figure, you should contact a specific military boarding school.

A reasonable figure for a year – the academic year lasts for nine months – is about $35,000 or about $4,000 a month. That is not the total fee. Uniforms, which are an essential part of the school’s activities, can cost up to $1,000. And there may be other items such as a musical instrument, special clothing for outdoor activities, etc.

Now having looked at that information, your first response might be, wow, forty grand to send my child to school for one year. A well-off parent may not have that reaction. But there are a number of points you need to consider when examining the school and its costs.

The value of the fine education available cannot be underestimated. You want your child to get the best education you can afford. Academically, a military boarding school is at or near the top when preparing their students for college entry. A sound education is a lifetime investment.

These are boarding schools so the cost of your student attending the military boarding school will include the costs of daily living – food, laundry, water, heating, etc. All these costs would be borne by you if your child attended a local public school and lived at home. Any parent of a teen will know the cost of feeding a growing child. And then there’s the fact they may have friends around and they all need to be fed. Boarders have all meals found which is a significant saving for your household budget back home.

Then there’s the extra electricity they use, the time you would spend running them to and from basketball or ballet, the gasoline they will use driving your car and any number of other expenses you will pay with your teen living at home.

Extra-curricula activities at a military boarding school can be many and varied. Some of the large schools have as many as 250 programs. Your child can participate in many of these programs, most of which have little or no cost. If you want your child to receive a well-rounded education, then they can at a military boarding school.

Obviously transport is a factor whenever term breaks and the summer vacation come around. If your child’s school is interstate, there will be far more expense in traveling to and from the school than if the educational establishment is in the next town.

Finally there is the fact that many military boarding schools do not require an entire year’s fees upfront or in one payment. It may well be possible for you to pay twice or even four times a year thus making the financial burden a little easier to bear.

Remember that quality costs and the standard of an education at a military boarding school is excellent and that education will last a lifetime.

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