The Differences Between a Military Boarding School and a Military High School

There are several differences but the main one is as follows. A military boarding school has the students living on campus – they are boarders – and they dress as cadets with a military uniform and have ranks and operate using many military procedures such as reveille, parades and inspections.A military high school is a normal high school but with a cadet wing which students may choose to join. There might also be subjects with a military background e.g. aeronautical science which students can elect to study. But there are non-cadet students at the school and students go home after class and return to their families.

There are several other differences.

A military boarding school has a strong academic program and a small student staff ratio so success at college and university entrance exams is a top priority. That is not to say that it isn’t at a military high school but a military boarding school will have structured after school study sessions. These are supervised and students are encouraged to get the best grades possible.

After-school tuition is not the norm in a military high school and students wanting extra tuition would have to arrange this themselves and pay for it. At a military boarding school this supervised extra study is part and parcel of the program.

Extra-curricula activities are far greater in scope and detail in a military boarding school. Costs are much higher too but the range of optional subjects is vast. All manner of sports, the performing arts and outdoor activities are usually freely available at a military boarding school.

Being a cadet in a military high school does not have the same commitment to military discipline as required in a military boarding school. Here students will be expected to rise early and have their room and kit ready for inspection not long thereafter. Students at a military high school arrive each day from home. Their meetings in their cadet group are secondary to their studies and are not as integral as every day military type routines in a military boarding school.

Breaking of the school rules is far more important at a military boarding school. In severe cases, students who fail to obey orders or get into trouble will be expelled. Discipline is a top priority and all students are expected to follow orders to the letter.

There is not nearly so strict a regime at a military high school.

Field trips and excursions are more frequent and more intense than are generally found in a military high school. Groups at a military boarding school may even take international tours all as part of their education.

For a student seeking to choose the location of their high school years, the choice is stark. Live on campus and apart from your family or live at home. Engage in a military type lifestyle on a constant basis or simply do your normal academic work and participate in cadet activities when possible. Both schools have a military attitude and subject matters to study. But the military boarding school is full on whereas the military high school is not nearly as intense.

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