What Happens in a Military School for Girls?

Pretty much what happens in a military school for boys. Students study following a strong academic program. Emphasis is on doing very well in examinations with structured study areas and times set aside in the evenings. Class sizes are small and experienced and skilled teachers are engaged. Boarding means separation from family for periods of time but each student is assigned a mentor or adult in charge of their well-being, personal development and academic progress.Military schools are renowned for their sporting, artistic and academic programs. All students undertake the basic programs with a wide range of optional activities. The sporting facilities are usually second-to-none and competitions against other schools are healthy and challenging times.

Girls who wish to study music, drama, dance or art will find a choice of activities. These can be taken for personal growth or as a future career path. The armed services have a large number of music opportunities.

Academically the schools have a solid program of studies geared towards acceptance in high-ranking universities and colleges. So highly rated are the graduates from military schools that many parents in other lands seek to have their daughter accepted into these schools.

Future careers in the armed services are a definite possibility. Colleges seek students who will appreciate the need for responsibility and a girl who has attended a military school is well-placed to be accepted into a degree course at a military college.

Then there are the outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, water sports, etc which give the girls confidence and enjoyment and form a great balance between the rigors of academic life.

With the discipline of a military school, girls learn about tidiness, attention to detail, marching, parades, rank and obedience. They are encouraged to think and take imitative while learning the methods and history of a regime which has produced men and women who serve their country.

If any parent is wondering about the education of their daughter, the parent may wish to hear from other parents who have sent their daughter to a military school. The overwhelming tone of their comments includes three factors.

  • Their daughter is removed from the temptations of dangerous activities such as drugs.
  • Academically their daughter has excelled and her career prospects are indeed rosy.
  • Their daughter is simply a happier and a healthier young woman and has become a much better person.

There is a strong connection between military schools and the military. Cadet life is akin to life in a military college. Students at a military school can study such things as aeronautical science which is a perfect stepping-stone for further study in the years to come. And the military and military colleges look favorably on graduates from military schools.

It is not unusual for many girls and the parents of girls to believe that a military school is a form of punishment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Students appreciate the discipline and find the environment is helpful and builds confidence. Many even declare a military school to be a lot of fun.

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