What is a Military Academy and Can I Send My Teen To One?

A military academy is another title for a military school and yes, you can send your teen to one such institution. You can even send your elementary school son or daughter to some military academies. There are day-pupil opportunities in many schools but in high school years, military academies are generally for boarders.A military academy can take various forms but generally it is a high school in which the students board at the school, where there is a strong military influence to the operation i.e. the students wear uniforms, there are ranks within the student body, kit inspections and obedience to teachers is mandatory. Punishments are handed out for failure to obey orders. A great emphasis is placed on study with a sound academic program in place.

There is a low student/teacher ratio and students are constantly monitored to see they are studying hard and making progress.

Excellent non-academic facilities are provided including sporting activities, music and drama studies and many outdoor activities are available – swimming, surfing, sailing, hiking, climbing, etc.

Parents are kept well informed of their child’s progress; there is plenty of communication and contact between the family, the school and the child. Chances of success after school are high as military academies prepare the students for entry to colleges and universities. A career in the armed forces is highly likely for successful students departing a military academy.

However, there are some barriers to certain students being accepted as a student in a military academy. A young person with a criminal record or who has serious health issues may not be accepted into an academy.

You need to remember that this is not a camp of a few weeks or months duration. An academy may tutor a student for many years. The school wants students who are fit and healthy and who are willing to work hard and do well.

If your child does have a criminal record or some serious health issues, there are alternatives to a military academy. The child’s health is of paramount importance and a wilderness camp or any facility with a strong emphasis on therapy should be your first choice.

Parents who want to give their son or daughter a sound future will certainly consider a military academy. Responsibility and moral values are high on any parent’s wish list for their child. Military academies concentrate on these issues.

Time management is a common theme in business today and a child at a military academy is taught the fundamentals of managing their time. Responsibility for their actions is re-enforced through their stay at school.

All students are expected to do well. Students who may be regarded as average are still expected to excel. It is this type of pressure which students appreciate and parents admire. Success in the academic area and personal growth are both at the heart of the aims of every military academy. Healthy rivalry within the academy further drives the students to achieve their potential using their new skills and self-belief in their adult years.

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