What To Look For in a Military Academy?

There are many aspects to a military academy or school. Parents looking for the best in education for their child will seriously consider a military school. Even with a student of elementary school age, a military school is a definite option. As a day pupil, a young child can enjoy the many benefits of a military school and not make a transfer from a public school when of high school age.The transition may be a little difficult for students entering a military school at grade 7 level. But for a child who is already in the military school, it will be a smooth transition to become a boarder in the institution they have attended for several years.

The aspects of a military school the parent of a potential student should look for are as follows:

Academic program. Every military school places great emphasis on the program and the results achieved by their pupils. The things which may distinguish one military school from another are class sizes, university or college acceptance levels and the availability of after-hour study sessions. Most schools will have an area set aside in which students do additional academic study after normal classes. Is this activity mandatory? How well is it supervised?

As military schools place great pride in preparing students for tertiary study, you should look for university and college acceptance levels. As every student is expected to do well, tertiary enrolment figures are important.

Class sizes are vital. Military schools are privately owned and operated and you as a parent will expect low class sizes with lots of personal attention from staff and ancillary staff.

Sporting programs. Football, volleyball, basketball and other sports usually feature high on the agenda of most military schools. Do you want your child to excel at sport? Do you want them to develop leadership skills and build character through competitive team sports? If so then expect the best facilities and loads of opportunities from your choice of military school.

The arts. Most military schools will offer instrumental music studies and there is often a take-up rate of up to 50% of the student faculty. Marching bands and parades are a prime example of how a military school musical education can showcase the talents of your child.

Leadership training. Doing well academically and making the school first football team are fine achievements but what a good military school wants to do is to help every student grow with an all-round education. Students need to take responsibility, show leadership, obey orders, work as a team member, build self-confidence and enter their adult years with skills and self-belief.

Only when you have seen the comments by parents of former students, the comments from former students and the details of the program and success rates of the military school, can you confidently choose the institution for your child.

There is much to look for but only the highest standards should be acceptable to both you and the school itself.

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