What You Can Expect from a Military School in Texas

Not all military schools are the same but in Texas you will certainly find at least one institution which could be described as providing a genuine all-round education.Many Texans are proud of their faith and thus a military school which teaches spiritual values is not uncommon in the Lone Star State.

Of course you will find all those aspects common to a military school. Children – boys and girls – can attend from grades 6 through 12 and enjoy a rigorous sporting, academic and artistic life.

History is also a major part of Texan military education with students first being educated in a military school in the 19th century.

Religion is a way of life with some schools including daily worship as part of the school activities. Parents wanting a full education will consider the spiritual dimension in choosing a school for their son or daughter. The school chaplain is on hand to guide and advise and provide religious education.

The curriculum in Texan military schools can be described as classic. A solid syllabus geared towards preparing students for college entry. Fine arts and religion may well be part of the curriculum as well.

Class sizes are small with around 15 per class and the staff student ratio can be around 1 to 8 which means the experienced and dedicated teachers are in an ideal position to encourage and guide the students to achieve their maximum potential.

A series of nationally recognized tests are applied throughout the years and so parents and students are able to gauge their progress. Usually a member of staff acts as a personal monitor for each child thus continuing the practice of constant supervision.

Texan military schools will often have a chaplain and almost certainly a counselor or counselors. In addition to the caring staff, a watchful eye is kept on all students knowing that the teenage years can be tricky. Constant monitoring and contact with the family means the student’s well-being is well looked after.

Cadets at the school wear uniforms, engage in parades and are a visible face of the military school in local towns. The discipline involved in being a cadet helps individuals create a better lifestyle and gives them pride in their achievements not to mention a sense of belonging. All cadet training is a strong benefit should a senior student choose to go onto a military college or into the armed forces.

Sport is a major component of student life in Texas. There are competitive sports for all levels in a military school with every student involved in physical education.

All these factors – academic, artistic, sport and spirituality – combine to provide every child with a well-balanced, high-quality and all-round education. The testimonials from former students and their parents are proof of the excellent standards and results enjoyed by all. It is little wonder that there are waiting lists as so many parents want their child to be part of a military school in Texas.

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