Why Send Your Daughter to a Military School for Girls?

To some parents even the thought of their daughter attending a military school is too much to bear. That is no place for a lady. Well that type of thinking may exist in some circles but it certainly goes against the trend of young women taking on quality careers in the military and serving their country with distinction and pride. Military schools for girls are thriving and producing outstanding students.

So if you as a parent have an open mind, here are some reasons why your daughter will benefit from going to a military school.

The academic standards are the highest available. Class sizes are small, the teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced and the success of graduating students going to prestigious colleges and other tertiary institutions is to be envied. If your daughter needs motivation with her studies she will get that motivation in spades at a military school. If your daughter is a natural and enthusiastic student she will excel.

There are supervised homework sessions and constant assessment and reporting on every girl’s progress. Because the students and staff live on the premises it is easy to develop strong bonds and a joint approach to all things educational.

If discipline is believed to be a good thing, your daughter could not be in a better place. The setting up of their room, their uniform, their dress parades and other military activities ensue that every girl takes responsibility for her appearance and attitude. It is a rigid but fair system of discipline which breeds self-confidence and pride in one’s achievements.

Of course if there is a tradition of attending a military school, it may not be difficult for any parent to want to keep the family tradition going. Not so long ago that was not possible with a daughter but all that has changed today. A family may equally send their son or their daughter to a military school.

Does your daughter seek a career in the military? There are vast numbers of females recruited every year in a wide range of military occupations. By attending a military school, your daughter is giving herself an excellent chance of being accepted into the military.

All parents want their children to grow up being self-reliant, self-confident and respectful of others. An education in a military school offers a unique training where students learn the value of discipline, of respect for others, themselves and authority and where they develop a high level of self-esteem. A military school is truly a training ground for life in the outside world – in employment, in friendship and in relationships. It is possible to teach respect and caring for others.

Finally not all military schools are the same and if you decide that such an experience is just the thing your daughter would benefit from, do examine a number of schools and choose the one which will give our daughter a wonderful all-round education.

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