Why Send Your Teen To A Military School?

You will find a wide range of opinions from parents on the topic of military schools. Some see them as a wonderful place for their teenager to learn discipline and do well academically. Other parents see military schools as harsh environments with an over-emphasis on punishment. As a parent you should look at the facts and then decide for yourself. Of course the opinion of your child is important but many parents have enrolled their teen in a military school and later admitted it was the best decision for everyone.

Militray schools today have earned a high reputation for producing intelligent and enthusiastic students who deservedly enroll in college and go on to do well in life. Why is this so?

First there is the discipline. This means the timetable for study can see students up with the lark and in class when many kids attending a regular high school are still in bed. Strong and fair discipline never hurt anyone and by placing responsibility back on the students, personal development is quick to be developed. Students in a military school have to prepare well for everything – their appearance in uniform on parade, their living quarters and their studies.

Classes and private study – all supervised – go for 8 or more hours a day and the end result is that students do very well in their studies. In fact the constant monitoring almost guarantees their success. If a student falls behind in their work, they are given extra studies. College entry is rated very highly with graduates from a military school.

Then there is the promotion of the person, the growth of the individual which is so important in a military school. There are opportunities to accept leadership roles in the many activities. Even simple parade and drill activities see students undertake responsibility and accept roles of leadership. Military schools place a great emphasis on peer pressure, on students being part of a team and helping one another. This develops a real esprit de corp and makes friendship and support for one another to be an important part of life.

The military is responsible for employing millions of men and women in a huge variety of careers. Any teenager interested in a career in the military would be well advised to attend a military school. Recruitment officers look favorably on graduates from a military school.

All military schools have an emphasis on outdoor activities and some feature strongly in traditional sports. If your teen is fit and sports-minded, the right type of military school will offer not just an excellent academic program but a chance for your child to excel in the things they most enjoy.

Not all military schools are the same. In principle yes but there are different programs and regimes and you are well advised to investigate the variety of programs available, contact the school itself and ask questions and make a thorough investigation of what is available before selecting the best option for your teen.

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